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From Recruiter to Sports Personality of the Year winner!

22nd December 2014
This is the next instalment of Natasha Brennan’s blog, as she makes the journey from successful recruiter to the Olympics!

December is well and truly here; this is obvious not just by the Christmas songs in full flow, but the copious amounts of chocolates, Christmas pies and alcohol that is laden with offers in every super market! Even though I burn a lot of calories through training, sadly it doesn’t mean I can eat everything I would like! While it is always good to have a balance and a treat every so often, it is not something that I can do frequently as an athlete, as fuelling your body with fresh nutritious food is the key to getting the best out of performance.

Believe it or not, it is actually the same principle for when you are at work i.e. the more sugar and high fat foods you eat, the more lethargic you can feel throughout the day having an impact on your mood, and potentially less efficient. It is therefore beneficial to drink plenty of fresh water and have more fresh fruits and veg, with quality protein to feed your brain. A good principle for your food is usually colour, as if your lunch is looking beige the likeli hood is that it isn’t giving you a great range of nutrients that you need! Anyway enough of the food lecture!

November/ December has been a good but challenging period. Having not being selected to head with the team to Dubai, I had to watch the start of our Olympic qualification campaign from afar. The girls played their hearts out and won the plate, finishing 5th overall. While this means we have valuable points on the board, I know the girls will be disappointed with the result, as playing for England is about achieving and being the best and in this instance we have fallen short from where we know we can be.

However there is now a good 6 week period to work on our game individually and collectively to put everything right for our next tournament which is in Brazil, which I hope to be part of.

Not being part of the squad that headed to Dubai, the focus outside of my 7’s training has been playing club and the Premiership which is looking to go down to wire! My team Richmond have just slipped to second in the league with our rivals Saracens having the edge at the moment and it means that our last two league games against Aylesford and Wasps before Christmas will be absolutely crucial to stay in contention. I was recently on Brian Moore’s TalkSport/ Full contact show on Sunday night talking about Dubai and the Premiership and it is phenomenal to see the increased interest that women’s game is producing to a wider audience!

While it was disappointing to not be in Dubai, I am extremely excited to be heading with the Winning World Cup Squad to Glasgow this Sunday for the Sports Personality of the Year as we have the privilege of being nominated for Team of the Year! It would be an amazing accolade for the sport and women’s sport to win this and I know we all have our fingers and toes crossed! Plus it will be a nice opportunity to pop on a posh frock and hopefully meet some of my sporting hero’s!! It goes without saying I will be doing my best get as many #selfies with some sporting legends. I hope I can give you an update on this on the next addition! But in the mean time I hope people enjoy their Christmas festivities to the maximum as it is only once a year so it’s a good excuse 

Since this was written, I’m delighted to say that Natasha was a part of the winning “Team of the Year” at the BBC event, a well deserved accolade!
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