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Is a cautious approach in store for England’s footballers and cricketers?

1st June 2014
So, after a blistering innings from Joss Butler last week against the outstanding bowling attack from Sri Lanka, the England captain declared that his 121 runs in 74 balls would probably rule him out of an England test spot. How typically English to spurn this great attacking talent; surely Buttler is England’s answer to the magnificent Aussie keeper, Adam Gilchrist?

You know for certain that if he was eligible for the Australian test team Mr Buttler would be a certain starter as a wicketkeeper or a batsman. However, Alastair Cook doesn’t see it that way, so I guess unless the selectors have an epiphany we’ll be treated to the same old dreary England batting attack that struggles to score at more than 2.5 per over!

I fear this same ultra cautious approach may also be uppermost in Roy Hodgson’s mind when he reaches Brazil. Can we possibly hope for a miracle and pray for a Raheem Sterling hat trick in one of the preparation games in Miami to force Roy’s hand? Whether Wayne Rooney is out of form (he usually is for England in tournament finals!) or lacking match practice doesn’t matter, at this moment in time (as Glenn Hoddle would say!) Sterling should be in the starting line up. If not in for Rooney, then surely for Danny Welbeck?

What we don’t want to see from England this time is a defensive, cautious approach to the group games, trying to sneak through on a couple of draws, let’s go out and show the rest of the world that we have got great attacking flair, remember the words in Fat Les’s supreme anthem “we’re gonna score one more than you!”

Come on Roy much better to go down with the country applauding our style, and you never know we might just win a few! Quite frankly the Italians don’t look world beaters, the Uruguayans will not be the same without Senor Suarez and we must have a chance of beating the Costa Ricans.

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