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A message for Roy - Anyone but Carrick

5th May 2014
Please take heed of my ABC campaign!

A couple of years ago I was truly mystified to see the useless Stewart Downing chosen to play in an important tournament with England. Sure enough the overrated winger produced nothing and, as West Ham fans will testify, has been consistent in his ineffectiveness this season. Fortunately, Mr Downing appears to be nowhere on Roy’s radar for Brazil and for that we must be truly thankful.

However, I do feel that a similar situation is occurring with a Manchester United player and it’s time to plead with Roy to be bold and leave this guy to enjoy his summer holidays on a golf course in the Algarve.

My ABC campaign is quite simply ANYONE BUT CARRICK. He is a marmite player that many fans and respected pundits seem to love, I detest marmite and certainly have no great love for the way Michael Carrick carries out his footballing duties! He represents everything that we don’t want to see from an England team, he’s ponderous, looks to pass sideways, shows no leadership qualities or rarely scores. He certainly hasn’t covered himself in glory for United this season either.

We have such an exciting breed of young midfielders coming through at the moment and I feel it’s time to avoid players like Carrick who have been pretty poor this season, surely we should be picking form players? What’s the point of taking people who have experience in major tournaments, if their experience only consists of losing and playing in a negative manner?!
So, let’s move on from the old guard and be bold with our selections for Brazil. Come on Roy, you may be a similar age to my good self, but let’s go with an exciting young bunch of players. Let me know if anyone disagrees with my thoughts!

By the way I am now active on Twitter, if you would like to hear some controversial thoughts and ideas on sport look me up! @DougWoodward1
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