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Two managerial epithet changes after this weekend!

21st April 2014
This Easter weekend has proved a watershed for 2 high profile Premier League Managers and the epithets they either invented or assumed. Firstly, the gloriously self appointed “The Special One” has now in most people’s eyes been reduced to “The Pathetic One” or possibly “The Unbelievably Childish and Sarcastic One”.

Following a dismal performance from aspiring champions Chelsea, brought down to reality by a hard working Sunderland side, Jose Mourinho’s pitiful attempt at sarcasm aimed at referee Mike Dean and the man in charge of all referees, Mike Riley was truly embarrassing.

The penalty was correctly awarded to Sunderland and of course the lovable Portuguese failed to acknowledge the wrestling style smash administered by Ramires. Jose, all this attempt at sarcasm, combined with other silly comments to the media is beneath you, you are turning into a graceless Alex Ferguson (without the Scots charm!).

Talking of Scots, “The Chosen One” has now become “The Discarded One”; after less than a year in the role of Manager at Manchester United, David Moyes (who came highly recommended by the wily old Sir Alex) has been well and truly jettisoned. United have been desperately poor this season and the recruitment of Mr Fellaini is ranking as badly as Chelsea’s attempt to improve Fernando’s disastrous incarnation as a striker.

Everton’s transformation under Roberto Martinez must be fairly galling for Moyesie to suffer, but doubtless his pay off will suffice until he reappears as manger of Newcastle or Villa next season.

Going back to epithets, can I just say that, although it grieves me to say so as a Millwall fan, Tony Pulis is now “The Superhuman One” and Brendan Rodgers has inherited “The I’ve Brought Back Excitement to Football One”.

However, Millwall’s very own Chuckle Brother, Ian Holloway retains his title of “The Barking Mad One”, but at least he’s funny!
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