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A Message to Roy - Start Without Rooney and Wilshere

5th March 2014
Surely England’s chances of success in the forthcoming World Cup are pretty remote, so now it’s time to take a different approach and for once let’s play as a team with some real hunger in the line up.

Quite frankly I don’t think Rooney is worth his place in the starting line up. Last night against Denmark he was awful, wasting free kicks when we have Gerrard who is in a rich vein of form at the moment standing over the ball, there were several misplaced passes and generally no goal threat whatsoever. Just because we have someone being paid 300 grand a week doesn’t entitle them to an automatic place in the team. He has let us down in the past in major tournaments and it does look as if he will never be the force we all hoped he’d be.

As for Jack Wilshere, he is simply too slow. The number of times he was caught in possession or gave the ball away and was unable to retrieve the situation was embarrassing. I know he took quite a knock early on, but he did not get into goal scoring positions. When Adam Lallana was introduced, the whole shape of the game changed; suddenly there was a spark of creativity.

Sturridge is a true goal scorer who must play up front on his own and, please give young Sterling and Lallana the opportunity to flourish from the start.
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