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A disastrous tour is followed by a disastrous Toure!

2nd February 2014
The weekend drew to a close with probably the worst ever tour by an England cricket team. The final T20 match was so one-sided it was even more embarrassing than the tests and one day internationals. How you can lose a match in this format by 84 runs being bowled out in 104 balls is beyond me.

Clearly there is a huge problem with morale running right through the squads; it’s beginning to look like Ashley Giles is a massive front runner for the role of England supremo but is he the right guy? After all, he doesn’t seem to have motivated the one day and T20 players any better than Andy Flower has with the Test side. Looking at the way the Aussies play their cricket, it all seems to be about positivity; they look fitter, catch better and pile on the runs far quicker than the tentative England players.

How Bopara keeps racking up those England caps is one of life’s great mysteries, on a par with Stewart Downing’s ability to command more than 20 grand a year!

And what the hell was going through Kolo Toure’s mind yesterday? An astonishing lack of concentration prevented Liverpool from pushing on still further towards their Champions League goal for this season. He’s certainly given a helping hand to his previous clubs.........not that they need one at the moment! The moment also provided us with a priceless reaction from the Liverpool centre back. If you haven't seen it, take a look below.

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