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5 Outstanding questions to ask at your interview

19th January 2014
So, the interview has gone quite well in your opinion and the rapport between the interviewer and you has been pretty good. Most things have been covered but inevitably as the interview draws to an end your interviewer is going to expect you to ask at least a couple of incisive questions.

Clearly, as a recruitment business, we would advise you not to ask about salary and benefits at this stage, but there are some outstanding questions that you could ask which may set you apart from other candidates.

1. What made you join the business?

You will have looked up your interviewer and noticed the length of time they have been with the company. People love to talk about themselves, so this is a great way for you to find out some more positives about the business.

2. If there was someone in the role previously, where did that person go? Were they promoted or moved elsewhere in the business or did they move to another organisation?

This could provide you with an invaluable insight to the company and the opportunities for progression.

3. Can you tell me about someone in your senior management who has progressed through the business?

It’s always good to find out about a success story in the business, by asking this type of question you are showing potential commitment and a real human interest in the company.

4. Looking at the division you want the new person to join/manage, could you tell me about one of their greatest achievements over the past 12 months?

This provides an opportunity for the interviewer to relate a positive story from the team that you may be joining. Of course, if they can’t think of one...........................

5. How does the organisation create and maintain its culture? Could you provide me with any specific examples of culture building or team building activities?

The culture of a business can be one of the greatest plus points in helping you make your decision to join. By asking for some specific examples you are gaining a real insight to see if the culture fit is right for you.

I’m sure there will be many other questions that you will have up your sleeve, but most of these relate to the human side of the business and will provide you with a better opportunity to decide if it’s a perfect fit for your next career move.
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