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Spineless Swann ducks out of The Ashes

22nd December 2013
What a spineless retirement from Graeme Swann half way through the Ashes tour.

Can there be anything worse for the captain, the manager and the rest of the squad to be let down in such a pitiful fashion by one of the senior players?

Now obviously I’m not privy to the extent of Swann’s injured elbow, but it looks to me that Swann has completely bottled it to avoid another hammering in the final two tests.

The Aussies have attacked him from the word go and he simply hasn’t been able to work out how to bowl to them.

Coming immediately after his appalling gaffe on Twitter, perhaps it’s good news to see the back of someone who has a history of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

With Trott already back home, Swann has failed all those people who have spent a fortune following the tour to Australia, perhaps he’ll be back out there next year in the jungle with Ant and Dec?
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