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Aston Villa - featherweights against the bantams!

22nd January 2013
How we love an underdog in this country, especially when the underdog play as if they are the favourites.

Bradford City, nicknamed the bantams; languishing in mid table in the fourth tier of English football, followed up their superb performances in defeating Wigan and Arsenal in the Capital One Cup, with a comprehensive victory over pitiful Aston Villa to reach the final.

This was over two legs remember and no one could call it a fluke. Villa were appalling, having scored relatively early on it was surely a matter of time for the flood gates to open and the home team advantage to play out.

But this Villa side is poor; they cannot use the “youthful” team tag on this occasion with players like Given, Ireland, Vlaar, Nzogbia, and Benteke starting and Bent coming off the bench. In the second half it was Bradford who carved out the clearer chances and “Big Jim Hanson” scored a cracking header from yet another set piece.

The Yorkshire side could have wrapped it up but Hanson missed an easier chance and then Garry Thompson hit the bar after a fantastic flowing move. Bradford played great football and were certainly not resorting to foul play, in fact how Villa’s Delph stayed on the pitch is a mystery.

Whilst Villa were shockingly bad, let’s celebrate Bradford City’s terrific achievement in reaching the final, I bet the sponsors are delighted!
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